Halo Neuroscience

Design from the ground up

Halo Sport is a brain stimulator that helps you develop muscle memory faster

Halo Neuroscience is a start up whose first product is Halo Sport. Halo Sport is a brain stimulator that helps you develop muscle memory faster. It looks like a normal pair of headphones but within the headband is the brain stimulating technology. Halo Sport works by applying a small electric current to the area of the brain that controls movement, putting it into a state of hyper-learning.

As Design Director, I have built Halo's design function, and led the team's efforts to meet the goals of the business across:

  • Software product design
  • Marketing support and our website
  • Brand development and photography style

Below is an overview of our work with full case studies to follow.


Product design

As design director I have been responsible for implementing a user centric design process. Through testing and iteration we’ve created an intuitive app that presents and explains the complex subject matter, improving the user experience and meeting the needs of the business. 

Key results

  • Continual user research and testing
  • Increased engagment through content and user histories
  • Improved app store ratings

Website and Marketing support

In collaboration with the marketing team, I continue to lead the effort to optimize the Halo website for conversion and brand awareness. The modular design system we developed allows for faster updates while maintaining brand consistency across the site. Each of these updates are based on a regular cadence of usability testing combined with results from marketing surveys.

Key results

  • Modular design system
  • Regular usabilty testing and improvements

Style guide

Elements such as typography, color and photography are the building blocks for any brand. By developing a system and concise style guide for the Halo brand, we as the design team are able to create more complex pages and marketing materials most efficiently.


Brand development and photography style

Halo is performance company with a mission to champion human potential. I led the effort to establish a photography style that is consistent with that tone and message.