Onset Ventures
Working with companies from start to success.

Role: Creative Direction, Ux, Visual Design

Onset is an established venture capital firm, that has made its name by creating success over the long haul. Our job was to help them communicate this message to a new generation of entrepreneurs.


We started by identifying our audience. We learned that our entrepreneur is one that wants to tackle difficult problems. One that can appreciate the journey from an idea to successful company. Our entrepreneur is looking for a specific partner that understands them.

2. Visual identity

Visual design began with mood boards. The mood board exercise allowed us to explore the visual elements of the brand. We developed options to provide a range of solutions. In each, the goal was to convey the brand attributes.


We refined our explorations around an idea we called "Conversations". Portrait photography allowed us to  show both the partners and the entrepreneurs they’ve worked with. Hand rendered diagrams and quotes provide texture and reinforce the brand narrative.

3. Content Strategy and UX

A key first step in approaching a site is to understand what the objectives of the site are. Both from a client perspective, and the audience perspective.

We had identified our users. We knew they were a specific kind of entrepreneur. Introducing them to the right kind of VC would provide value. The same was true of Onset. They were special kind of VC that wanted to work with the right kind of entrepreneur. This was the insight that drove the content strategy.

That's what the website needed to do. Be a connecter between the entrepreneur and Onset.

After an initial sitemap we mapped each page against the content strategy and brand. How would that page through its specific content connect the user to Onset. We established a messaging hierarchy based on the brand platform. Now we could develop wireframes and content in a meaningful way.



4. Visual design

Creating a connection and conveying humanity were our goals. If we wanted entrepreneurs to see Onset as a partner the design needed to reinforce that.

Large portrait photography front and center put a face on the firm, making it relatable. Application of the hand-rendered elements referenced the "hands on" work that Onset does.


More than case study's the Beliefs section took the form or a series of key quotes from entrepreneurs. As you explore the page you see first hand the kind of partner Onset is.  Coming from the  entrepreneur makes these stories particularly powerful.