Harmonic Brewing

Harmonic Brewing

Branding | Website design

What is Harmonic
Harmonic is an independent brewery in San Francisco. In addition to great beer they're committed to creating a space and vibe where the community gathers to connect and create.


  • Brand development
  • Packaging design
  • Website design


Throughout my ongoing working relationship with Harmonic my work has ranged from logo and brand development to label design and most recently a revamp of their website. The goal throughout has been to set Harmonic apart visually and create a brand represents their core values Craft, Culture and Community.
The brand has evolved but it began in the early days with a logo and a color palette. Inspiration was drawn from rock and roll. Band logos and amp typography led to the logotype I developed.

02. Cans & Bottles

Local inspiration

The can labels were inspired by the community aspect of the brand. We wanted to reference the Dogpatch neighborhood Harmonic calls home. The design is anchored by a texture based on a map of the Dogpatch. Since initially these would be small runs to provide flexibility and save cost, we developed a system where stickers identifying individual beers were applied to the base design.

Holiday labels

For the holidays Harmonic brews a limited  edition beer. I developed the custom labels for the bottles. The idea was to nod to "holiday" while staying on brand. The solution was a series of graphics that used the shapes and angles of the logotype to create a uniquely "Harmonic snowflake."

03. Website

The website needed focus. Through interviews with the owners, employees and customers we narrowed the goals of the website down to 2 key things:
  1. Users must know as quickly as possible where Harmonic is located and when it's open.
  2. Users should get an idea of what it feels like to hang out at Harmonic.


The solution was to rethink the layout of the main page. I applied a hierarchy that put critical info front and center as well as using imagery that was like a window into the Harmonic experience.

04. Results

Pre pandemic Harmonic had seen excellent results. Increased engagement (time spent) with the site and following the site launch they had their most successful month booking events.